• ART KNIFE SET: This set includes 5 pieces of palette knives. For reason of protection and beauty, each piece has separate package. Because of the stainless materials, these knives are very durable and can be used for a very long time.
  • PAINT KNIFE SET: This product is suitable for color shaping, mixing, wall creation, mural, art class and many other applications. Whether you are a professional or only a beginner, you shall never hesitate having this fun knife set!
  • ARTIST KNIVES: These knives are in different dimensions and shapes, which make it easy to make innovative creation onto canvas. Different pigments can be mixed to get yourself impressed! Their sizes vary a lot, thus suitable for wider applications. After you have it on hand, you will surely enjoy yourself shaping the color.
  • APPLICATIONS: These five knives are of standard styles, their handles are all very comfortable to hold and will fit your hands very well because of the special human design. If you are fond of painting, or you have a painting job, or you are an expert of painting, in any case you shall buy this product because it makes you a better painter! Most importantly, these knives are suitable for all daily applications you can possibly image.


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