• About This Website

How do I register?

You may sign in by accessing LOGIN page and click the Create an account Button, it will lead you to the registration page.

How to Edit my account information?

To edit your account details, you have to login first. You will be able to change your account settings like address, password, email etc. on MY ACCOUNT page.

How do I start to shop?

To start shopping on our website, hover over the category of your choice on the menu bar at the top of our home page. Upon selecting your choice you will be taken to a page with several more options. Keep making selections until you reach a product page where you can select the sizes you would like and add the products to your cart.

  • About heartybay

How do I contact heartybay?

You may contact us through Email: support@heartybay.com or phone number: +1 (202) 381-3239. Fill in a chart is another available way, we will get back to you in 48 hours ASAP.

Does heartybay offer free returns?

According to our Refund policy, yes. We offer free returns or full refund for products that are somehow damaged or inferior in a month since the order is placed. However, we do not accept unjustified demands(free returns and full refunds for no reasons) for now, thank you for your cooperation.

Does heartybay offer free shipping?

It's easier to get free shipping if you shop at our US Amazon store, which normally only ship inside US. However, purchase at least $25 on our official site or activate wholesale mode (order total weight is larger than 10kg) can also benefits you with free shipping.

What is heartybay focusing on now?

We started with paint brushes set selling, and proceed with Stationaries. Now we mainly sell Office products, Art supplies and Home supplies.

  • About Payment

What payment method do you accept?

We only accept Paypal for now. Credit card may be acceptable later.

Can I view your prices in my own currency?

Only USD is available for now, we may update currency settings later.

What exactly is the shipping fee?

We have a table of how much shipping cost if you shop at our store:

Total Price of your order (Without discount)

Shipping Fee
$0~$10 $3
$10~$25 $7
$25+ Free
  • About Delivery

How can I track my order?

We usually ship your order with UPS or USPS. Order number will be provided to you to track your package.

How long will I have to wait until the package is delivered?

It usually take at least 10 working days since your order is submitted till the package is delivdered.

Does heartybay ship to countries outside the US?

Yes, we do ship internationally. Be sure contact us if you did not find your country available in the selection.

I’m in the USA and my order still hasn’t arrived – what can I do?

Please DO NOT contact Paypal, please correspond with us first. We can almost always tell you where your packet is and speed things up for you. Paypal charge our company $20 if you contact them and raise a ‘dispute’. Often USPS don’t regularly update their website and can fall days behind. We can normally contact them for you and chase things up.

  • About products

Do I need to do something after I purchased your brushes?

When you receive brushes, some of the heads are set with Gum Arabic. Gently rinse this from the head by teasing out between your fingers and thumb.

New brushes will have a smell that human can’t always detect, while moths and butterflies can sniff them out. These insects prefer to bury themselves in to the brush head, chewing their way in and laying eggs on occasion, leaving you with a damaged brush which will shed hair in fragments and render the brush unusable.

To prevent this, place the brushes upright in a jam jar and in the bottom place some moth balls / lavender/ cedar wood balls, this will keep them away until you have used them for long enough to have washed off the natural smell. This little tip can save you a costly brush.

Is there any discount if I purchase more than 1 same product in an order?

Wholesalers and retailers who want to sell heartybay products are as welcome as our customers. There are discounts when you want to purchase more than 1 same products, just check our coupons page for more information. There is no limit for any product combination of any quantity. Also, you may contact us if you want higher discount for wholesale, we may provide up to 30% discount regarding to your purchase.

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